Minimalist 14k yellow gold engagement ring with a blue and green Sapphire cut by Top Notch Faceting bezel setting created by Chelsea Jones in Austin, TX.
Re-designed engagement ring in 14k yellow gold with a round center diamond and 6 small diamonds on each side, created by Chelsea Jones in Austin, TX
Custom designed minimalist engagement ring with emerald in 18k gold created by Chelsea Jones in Austin, TX
Custom made 14k gold wedding bands and engagement ring created by Chelsea Jones in Austin, TX

Custom & One-of-a-kind

Bespoke Gold

Fine jewelry for everyday – made by hand, one by one

I can help you find the perfect precious or semi-precious stone or re-design an heirloom for your bespoke piece.

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What "handmade" means

Artisan Goldsmithing

Most pieces are fabricated completely by hand from sheet metal, wire, tubing, or recycled heirloom gold.

A few pieces are made with the lost wax casting method. These wax pieces are carefully carved by hand, baked in plaster, and poured in molten metal.

Each piece is meticulously crafted and detailed by hand.

Chelsea Jones

Goldsmith & multi-disciplinary artist.

My goal as an artist/creator is to make beautiful pieces that connect with the human experience.

I love working with gold, silver, and stones because they are all natural, and someday will return to the earth again.

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Recycled Gold

Redesigned Heirlooms

Get a new piece created using the gold from well loved heirlooms.

I can help you design a pice that fits your style and honors the past.

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